Garden Life in Spain

The carob tree.

carob270911The carob tree or Ceratonia siliqua needed pruning as the branches were encroaching on the pool area.

There were lots, at least 5 bin  bags of black ripe carob pods, as we prunedcarob2270911 the tree, the shaking movement dislodged the pods from the tree and I had some hit me on the head – ouch. I have broken some open to show the beans inside.


carob3270911We have tidied the tree and left some branches!
This year’s almond nut harvest, we really pruned the tree, two years ago and it is still sulking, we are hoping for lots of blossom and nuts next year.


One reply on “The carob tree.”

Mum told me that, as a small child, she would chew on a carob pod instead of sweets. When I lived in Cyprus back in the seventies the pods were harvested and piled up along the road. The smell was ‘pungent’! Then they were gathered up and used to flavour cola drinks.