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Sunny walk.

MapaSierrecicaWe had found a route for a walk, through a forestry area, paths around La Sierracica at 437 metres high, adjacent to the motorway towards Huercal Overa.



A car stopped by the side of us a we prepared to begin, the man, insisting we keep the dog on the lead, as there were animals on the walk, we reassured him “siempre “.

The walk began well with regular signposts and signs as we steadily Perdiz3chicksclimbed up into the hills. The views were brilliant and the weather perfect. Although on a lead, Owen alerted us to this Perdiz hen, a red legged partridge, with lots of lovely chicks, we managed to take some pics and left her and a second hen with their young.

TortugaWe continued along the walk, along the high paths and Owen found something else interesting in the scrub, this time a tortoise, I was especially happy to see this as it was one of my aims, to see a tortoise in the wild.

As we continued on the walk, when we were just starting to feel tired, one path was blocked saying that walkers were prohibited, so we wandered down the other path for 500 metres, when we realised that it was the wrong path and that the path would end miles from the car, those 500 metres back felt a long way! We had then to go down the blocked path, ignoring the sign, this meant we had no signposts or directions and we were aware that we could easily meet a recalcitrant local, who had put the sign up.

We followed the path down into the valley, carefully passed a farmhouse,Swallowtail with the ubiquitous guard-dog on a chain, we made our way along dry riverbeds, following vehicle tracks, which eventually faded, fortunately, now out of the so called prohibited area. Using a fairly good sense of direction, we climbed hills to give us a good view of the area and we worked out roughly where we were, still some distance to go. I felt weary, but kept resting, then putting one foot in front of another. We eventually found a track, we saw no-one, just chained up dogs and made our way back to the car.

It is quite sad, we love walking, but this experience has put us off doing this one again, but the country side was wonderful and seeing the tortoise was worth the sore muscles.

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A beautiful butterfly. I’m glad you found the tortoise. We have had several on the campo where we walk the dogs, and you’re right. There’s something special about seeing them in their natural habitat. You” sleep well tonight now!