Sky Spanish countryside

Storm and fire in the hills

The storm clouds were building all afternoon as we travelled back from Almería.
As the sun began to set the sky promised an interesting sunset. As the camera was set up the the lightning flashes began to arc across the sky. The flashes came quite regularly and as the sky darkened it was evident that the thunder heads surrounded us. It was reported that the province of Almería had over 2,000 strikes or rayos in Spanish. It rained intermittently and the sounds of thunder indicated the direction and movement of the storm. There was an orange glow towards the North and it was reported that there was a fire in the hills behind Huércal Overa.

We were awakened in the early hours by the wind banging the windows open. The orange glow in the sky seemed more intense so we drove to a point where we had a vantage point, the storm was still raging, but had diminished significantly.


The authorities were able to put planes up to extinguish the fire when the sun rose,