Garden Tales from the menagerie!


The three canary chicks with Miney are growing rapidly; they have a voracious appetite fortunately met by many in the cage. At the slightest noise their heads are up, cavernous mouths opened in expectation of a tasty morsel. Canaries are granivores mainly, they enjoy lettuce and bread and a variety of fruit and veg. I asked a neighbour to look after them recently and she asked with her broad “Black Country” accent “I won’t have to pick caterpillars for them, will I?”
We have visitors so I have given Owen’s bedding a wash and John has just bathed him and now he’s running round the garden collecting dust, Owen, that is, not John. Owen is a podenco, a Spanish hunting hound; we have had him since he was a puppy, abandoned with his siblings and mother on some nearby waste ground.