Palfrey logo

We have decided we need a logo, so began a creative process. We have had the  domain name for some years and at one time offered it’s use to other members of the family. We have now come to realise we need it to represent our particular Palfrey brand and this therefore needs to be be reflected in our choice of logo.

The word palfrey means a horse, it’s not a breed, but valued for riding in the middle ages.  The palfrey’s gait meant they could be ridden comfortably at moderate speed over distances. My maiden name is Whitepalfren, therefore a white horse would seem a starting point. Our house in Spain was originally called El Palafrén Blanco, which is a direct translation, however over the years we have dropped using the name, although the original house plaque remains on the villa.




I then looked through images of white horses looking for some styles easy enough to hand draw, after an hour or so of attempts I realised drawing a horse was well beyond my skill level. I sat pondering for a while, focusing on a white horse’s head and realised we had chess pieces, the knight is symbolised by a horses head. We then remembered that in the cupboard we had a fancy set of chess pieces and that the white knight looked like he palfrey2is astride a palfrey.