Hashing with Mamarazzi!

Northfield Hash

northfield9300515After moving to the Birmingham area nearly 6 months ago we have at last met up with the Birmingham Hash House Harriers (BH3). We met at the Great Stone pub Northfield, this was about a half an hour drive for us. We circled up eventually, Shergar the hare explained the northfield8300515route was marked in flour, he even quickly demonstrated one of the trail markers.

We set off  by the Church





Soon we were passing through one of five parks on the course. Although we walked, there were those keen to go faster.northfield6300515









We went through housing estates and crossed busy roads, the green areas were extremely pretty.northfield4300515

All the areas were unknown to us.







We kept up with the runners quite a long time until the walkers were given a short cut!

Among the green areas there was northfield2300515even a pond,







northfield1300515I took this image to show that even amongst the houses there were still views of green areas.






After about an hour and a half we got back to the pub, we had walked about 3 miles.downdown33052015








We had to wait for the runners and after some conferring we circled up for the down downs and or misdemeanours.downdown23052015

Great to be back!


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