England Flora&Fauna

Night visitor

The plants in the garden are springing up everywhere, after what has been a long cold winter. We have been working outside, pulling weeds up, cutting back dry grass to enjoy the numerous spring flowers. This year’s project is to clear the bottom of the garden and establish the border, large amounts of soil, hardcore and general rubbish has been piled up over many years.

John sorts the debris to take to the public tip and has been distributing the soil as mulch around the garden. We have a hollow in the lawn so John spent a morning removing the turf and filling the hollow with about 10 barrow loads of earth, then treading it down, he then replaced the grass.

We noticed that some mornings there was evidence that the replaced turf was being disturbed. We were interested in finding out what was visiting our garden at night so we decided to buy a trail camera similar to this:

The camera arrived on Saturday, so that evening with no experience, we set it up. The next morning we looked at the SD card with great excitement the camera had captured something!  We viewed the image to see the tips of a Siamese seal point cat’s ears as Rio walked down the path.

We realised our mistake so the next night we set the camera to view the ground, in the morning we had captured a video of a blackbird hopping around the lawn.

So last night we checked the batteries, reset the camera and this morning it had recorded this….