Garden Tales from the menagerie! Timbrado canaries

New Aviary

Aviary July 8th 2010The new aviary is up and the canaries spent their first night in it, I already notice that some of the birds seem more content and healthier. I have left two hens on nests in the old cage and the newest 3 chicks, who aren’t fledged with their mum and a few feeding males. I caught a brown male – Eeney and put him in the new cage but he spent the night fretting so I swapped him for Mo, his brother and both cages appear much happier. I took photos of each bird as a photographic record as I moved them over, but some seem so alike I am having trouble. We started this year with 14 canaries; we had two young in April, and then two broods of three in May and three more about to fledge. Keynes and Marigold are sitting on three eggs each, but the season is nearly over. Anyway I cannot get my small brain round so many birds; needless to say, I don’t count sheep if I cannot sleep!