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Mangoes and oranges.

mangoesmar2011I am nearly out of pickle and the spicy lemon chutney is not ready for weeks, so I have bought the ingredients to make mango chutney.



We have placed 5 nests in the aviary, that has stirred some interest, the canarynestmar2011females are flitting from one to the other. Marigold was like Goldilocks trying each one out to see which she preferred, we will see, maybe in the next few days! The nests are tucked amongst the foliage, hopefully the canary hens will like the positions and the eggs should not fall out.


This morning we went back round to Diego’s with the van. He secured the dog and muttered a few words, we wondered if he really wanted to go orange picking, we were only going out of politeness! Diego then pointed at the slippers he was wearing, then rubbing the grass to judge how damp it was and deciding what footwear was suitable, he disappeared into the house. Wellies duly donned, we set off for the orange trees. We picked 6 carrier bags of oranges and Diego was still picking, we insisted we had plenty, after us saying “muchas gracias” and Diego extolling the health benefits of this wonderful fruit, we returned home

In the citrus orchard, I spied this borage plant, thriving in the shade of the trees and enjoying the irrigation water.