Hashing with Mamarazzi! Spanish countryside

Lubrin Hash

After a spell of stormy wet weather, it was difficult to decide what to wearlubrinhash6280914on the Hash, there had been recent reports of a tornado in Lubrin . We met at the bar Los Delicias, some were enjoying a pre-hash coffee.


lubrinhash7280914 We circled up for the chalk talk in the road so had to watch out for cars. The trail had been laid with flour for the runners, according to “Two hats” he had replaced the trail 3 or 4 times. The walkers were following a very nice lady from Abergavenny , she led us out of the town. We passed this very nosy, but sweet  burro, then by the cemetery.




Although it was cloudy, it was warm and actually stayed dry, we walked along the main road a lubrinhash4280914short distance before turning towards El Chive.






The walk took us through beautiful Spanish countryside with views of Lubrin, typically Andalusian, set on a series of hills with white houses clinging precariously to the sides; although, I sadly failed to take any photos. We eventually met up with the runners at one point, however as we turned and headed back towards the town, the runners followed lubrinhash1280914their longer trail.





We completed the usual circle with down downs and songs, then we headed home.