Garden Tales from the menagerie! Timbrado canaries

Love is in the air.

nestfr110112The male canaries sing from dawn to dusk, claiming to be the most suitable mate. The females have nest – building on their minds. I pottered round the garden this morning, gave the nest holders a clean, I have put one nest in the aviary and a pampas frond, that provoked interest. Over Christmas we had some quite strong gusts of wind, one of which ripped off the lid of a box, I store the canary’s food and dishes in.

We replaced the box with this storage cupboard from Eroski supermarket. cupbo110112It is near to the aviary and contains everything for the canaries, I am planning to put the feeding instructions on the inside of the door, might be useful, if we are away. There is room for the mop and bucket as well.





water200112The water feature, had never been finished properly, leaves and pond life were blocking the inlet on the water pump, we emptied all the water out and put our minds to improving the system.


Yesterday we found a plastic tray, made in UK, in a Spanish supermarket, water110112that we thought we could adapt.  The tray has been secured by silicone so we’ll leave it till tomorrow to put the finishing touches.



slug110112Yes, it is a slug enjoying our hospitality.