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Gota Fria! Friday 28th September

There were warnings that the weather would be wet and cooler, with a possibility of flooding.

It started to rain just afer midnight by 9.15am we had recorded 92mm. Gotafria280912throughout the morning it continued to rain, with lightning, sudden gusts. We checked the house for water getting in and looking after the cat and dog during the morning, water was rushing down the street outside and streams and lakes were forming in the garden. The aviary floor was covered in water, the canaries were perching above. The rain had stopped by 2 pm, by then we had recorded a total of 319mm.
gotafria1280912We walked out into the garden, fortunately there was no damage, the pool was overflowing, we could hear a roaring and realised it was the Arroyo Aceituno, so decided to walk along to have a look.


The extreme amounts of rainfall have destroyed bridges and undermined gotafria2280912roads, in places the landscape will never be the same, a few have lost their lives, some have lost animals, homes, plants, years of hard work, their livelihoods.  People are without electricity, water and the roads impassable, although there are signs that workers are trying to restore services urgently.