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Garden birds

This morning we were pruning a rather overgrown jasmine, it is now cut warb180512back to the main stem. We also pruned the carob tree a little and swept some leaves up. While we were having a well deserved coffee, a Sardinian warbler bathed in the water feature.


serin180512As we bagged the garden waste and tidied, I noticed the serin sitting on the jacaranda tree.




A month or so ago I bought 3 climbing roses for the garden, only one hadrose180512 a label, which was a fragrant red rose, I planted that one close to a spare bedroom window, by the laundry room.





This one in the image, I planted against a stone wall, where the earth is damp, it has lots of single dark pink flowers.

The third rose has paler pink flowers, I have planted that to climb over a pergola, that one will need regular watering.

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That’s a long post for you! You have some lovely birds in your garden. I wonder whether they are attracted by the canaries’ songs. (We’re safely home. See you Sunday).