grapefruit101111I have just had a wander round the garden with my old trusty camera.
The image shows the ripening grapefruit, yesterday we cleared the garden behind the balustrade. This is quite hazardous as the cactus (opuntia subulata) at the top of the wall, in a neighbour’s garden, drops sections of the spiky beast onto the ground and as grass and weeds are pulled up it’s easy to be pierced by the barbed spikes, even with garden gloves on. The cat once had a fight with another cat in the cactus, he came in looking like a porcupine.

The oranges are changing colour.oranges060112





The courtyard with another fly-attracting flower, which is probably why there is a praying mantis lurking in the foliage nearby. I have bought some new herbs and hope they will thrive on the window sill.