Spanish countryside


Yesterday there were earthquakes felt here, we experienced firstly, a sound like thunder at 17.05hrs and at 18.47 a chair moved and our ceramic hanging lights swayed. These two earthquakes of over 20 recorded that day were centred near the historic town of Lorca in the province of Murcia about 50kms from here. The images of damage and reports sadly, loss of life and the faces of scared, shocked people have been broadcast on news channels around the world. It was reported that 20,000 people spent last night outside their homes, the Spanish military have been mobilised to help.

We love visiting Lorca and I have featured the shopping centre on this blog and our hearts go out to those people devastated by this earth-shattering event.

One reply on “Earthquakes!”

Isn’t it awful. I feel so sad for those who have lost family members, friends and their homes. I heard the first and thought it was thunder, and we felt a slight tremor with the second one, but that is all. I did wonder how much you were affected, and of course, our mutual friends from around there. It will be a long time before some of those buildings are safe to live in again.