Christmas Eve

We had a drive out into the Worcestershire countryside, stopping at a pub for lunch, overlooking  rolling green hills.


As we returned home after getting the last shopping, the sun was setting behind the clouds. I couldn’t see Father Christmas. Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of a very special baby.


As I was writing, the sky was darkening, I looked out the window and noticed the crescent moon through the pampas grass. Couldn’t resist another photo.


The Winter Solstice

On the eve of the Winter Solstice, December in the Northern Hemisphere as one of my favourite Carols goes “In the bleak Midwinter”. The daytime temperature managed 10°C, but there was a chilly wind as we walked into Church for the Nativity play.

A dark cloud rolled over and a pink light heralded the sunset.winters-solstice


Unusual cloud formation

I don’t know what this cloud formation is called. I’ve been sky-watching for years, but never seen anything quite like this.
It looks like cirrus or alto cumulus but there is a strange ripple effect  which puts spikes in the sky.
It was the precursor to a line of thundery showers coming in from the North. The picture is taken taking facing NNE. Click the image to view a bit larger.