Pickled chillies and cake

In Arboleas I buy the canary and hen feed from a very good store which sells many items required for Spanish rural life. Earlier this year I bought two pimiento picante plants with a plug of roots; I planted them in a terracotta pot placed in the courtyard.

With fairly regular watering the plants have flowered and the chillies have grown and appear to be turning yellow, I researched the internet and found a Jamie Oliver recipe for pickled chillies.



I was keen to try these, as I had recently bought a jar of sliced chillies and enjoyed topping chilli con carne and fahitas with them, unfortunately the supermarket had not restocked the supply.

The recipe was quite simple, sadly I didn’t have enough chillies to fill the jar, they have to be stored in the refrigerator and can be eaten after two chilli1300713weeks.




The hens continue to provide hours of entertainment and eggs most days. Today I sat in the garden sharing out a ripe banana in the chicken run, firstly, Ginger greedily jumped on my lap, then Babs jumped up, keen not to miss out. What struck me was how hot their feet were, Ginger became bored with the banana and began to peck the buttons on my blouse, banana eaten they jumped down.

We obviously make the most of a supply of lovely eggs, I have become quite an expert at Spanish style tortilla, we enjoy it with salad. I try to cake300713keep a supply of cakes, we have a slice with a cup of tea in the afternoon.


Sounds of the dawn chorus, images of beautiful blossom and hens!

This morning we didn’t only hear the dawn chorus, but we recorded it.

Stone Curlew

Blackbird Song




I took these photos as I walked round the garden.














ginger210313Of course Ginger and Babs were not far away and they like having their photos taken. It took us a while, but we found where Ginger has made a nest, both hens are laying an egg each day now.







The canaries are making nests and laying eggs, some nests have two or three canary hens and many eggs! One canary hen is sitting on newly hatched chicks.







An egg!

egg030313Ginger or Babs has laid an egg, there is a photo, I am sure you know what a hens egg looks like. When I found it I was quite surprised, although I had noticed their behaviour had changed slightly and the colour of their skin intensified.

Update on the canaries.

Of the 16 that escaped, 13 are now back in the aviary, we found one dead on the road and two are still missing.