Flora&Fauna Garden Spanish countryside

Birds! (Stone curlew)

We went out on Wednesday morning and when we arrived home, sparrows had taken over building the swallows’ nest, sparrow style, which involves lots of grass piled high haphazardly. The swallows still seem to be about, but they have lost the incentive to continue with the nest. We keep clearing the sparrows labour away to encourage the swallows, but to no avail yet!

For the past two nights we have heard bird song  at night, it sounds strange to hear a bird singing in the dark. Some of the trills sound similar to the canary’s, but there are other layers of sound, we tried to record it last night. We managed to record the haunting sound of a stone curlew and some of the singing, although quite loud in the silence of the night, it is difficult to pick the sounds up on a recorder. Comparing the sounds from our memory, we believe the bird  could be a nightingale, but we do need to have that identification confirmed.

This sound file is of the stone curlew.