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Babs and Ginger

We went to agroHens near the Urgencias in Albox, I asked the assistant in the animal and bird feedstore if he had any gallinas and he showed me pens with black, red and white hens in. I chose one red at 7 Euros and 1 black at 6.50 Euros I bought a bag of food too. It seemed quite awkward to put them in a cardboard box, I wondered how easy it would be to handle them. 
BabsandGinger170113We took them out in the garage at home so that we could see what we had got, they had had their beaks shortened and seemed happy and calm. We also trimmed the flight feathers as I feared they would disappear like a Chinese lantern out of the garden.
We then carried them into the garden and let them go, establishing a feeding area, will establish a safe sleeping area later. They plodded round the grass, pecked some seed and kept together.
The cat goes like a lion on the Serengeti after wildebeest, so I have warned him and Owen is inquisitive and wants to chase them. When chased a little by Owen and Rio the hens hopped into the overgrown area behind the balustrade and appeared fairly safe. 
As the afternoon continues they are sheltering (it’s blustery) and pecking in the flowerbed near the washing line. I check on them periodically and as I talked to Babs, she replied in chicken, bbbbur bub bub bub!