Creative Tales from the menagerie!

Canaries, craft and preserving olives.

It is sad about the canary eggs being smashed and I take it personally, but rationally we would be overrun with canaries, if they all survive and it is a special joy when the young do live and grow into beautiful, colourful and busy birds.




The process of candle making has commenced, I have started to decorate these glass containers, making shapes with gold and silver contour-lining paste.silvergoldpastefeb2011







olivesbucketfeb2011The black olives in the colander, had been placed in a bucket with brine, orange peel and dry/fresh herbs and covered, just after Christmas. Occasionally stirred, there was evidence of fermentation, by the smell, the olives are edible, with the hint of orange and herbs but, VERY salty. We rinsed the olives and put them in jars, with a weaker concentration of brine.


preservingolives,teacoffeefeb2011The olives in the jars,(in the image) started the preservation process, in the new year, the blue lidded jar had ground coffee added and they certainly taste of coffee, the brown lidded jar had green tea added, a much more subtle flavouring. They too, have been rinsed and a weaker saline solution added. The skill to preserving these olives, to keep them at their best, is the concentration of salt, a balance to prevent them deteriorating, without a salty taste.

The preservation process does take some of the colour out of these once shiny black olives, however, the flash used to take the image has bleached them further.