Spanish countryside

Enjoyable Sunday drive

Sunday Drive – 14th March 2010
Going up the road from Cantoria towards Oria:
BlossomRamblaOria14March2010The almond blossom is later here
AlmondBlossomOria14March2010From Oria towards Chirivel – over 1000 meters ASL now…SnowFallingOverChirivel14Mar2010You can see some snow falling over Chirivel and snow still on the tops of the Sierras de Maria
FuenteGrande_SierraMaria_14Mar2010We drove along the autovía A92 to Fuente Grande (above) where we had our lunch.
It was cool in the mountains but nice and warm in the car.
Sierra_Maria_14March2010After driving through Velez Rubio we climbed South towards Taberno and looked back at the mountains. This cyclist was finding it hard work as it started to sleet.
VelezRubio14Mar2010farThen we could see the town of Velez Rubio beneath the Marias.
Velez(3)14Mar2010and looked again and took some more pictures…
VelezRubio14March2010We then headed south towards Taberno
WindingRoad14March2010The road was winding over the hills and there was rain falling to the South-West
SkyEastAlthough the sky to the East looked mostly blue and it was a sunny day on the coast.