Cycling the canal towpaths

Cycling on the Stourbridge and Dudley No.1 Canal towpath

I had a free afternoon and the weather was good so I went for a ride from home using the Stourbridge canal towpath.
We live in what was a very industrial area, which still has engineering and casting works doing their noisy business along the canal sides. However, there is also a wide tree lined corridor including the towpath, which insulates the canal area from noise from the roads, and gives the impression of being in lovely green countryside. This picture shows the contrast:

A little further up towards Black Delph a view is obtained towards Brierley Hill, and the flats can be seen towering above the canal:

Further on again the canal passes by the Merry Hill shopping centre and then passes by the “Waterfront” which has mooring for narrow¬†boats and beers on hand. As I was passing this narrow boat on my return I noticed that they had a “waterways pastors” notice in the window, and I stopped and had a chat. People are very friendly both on the canal and the towpath, everyone speaks as they pass, exchanging a smile.

On my way back I noticed this tree, the roots of which have damage the wall adjacent to the Brettell Lane Bridge. I thought it told a story, with the old industrial blue engineering type bricks, the age of the tree and the unexpected consequences of its growth, together with the modern graffiti made quite a picture:

Just past this point there are some very modern houses in Brythill Drive which are just opposite industrial units, but again, there is a lovely country feel to the area, even though we are on the edge of a conurbation. It really is very pleasing to cycle this route.

On the way back home I couldn’t resist the opportunity of a pint of ale from the Samson and Lion which backs onto the canal.
That made my outing complete!