Mountain Almond Blossom

On the 6th January, we happened to be taking someone to the airport. This date in Spain is important every year, especially to children, known as “Reyes” celebrating the visit of the magi to Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Towns and villages have processions where gifts are distributed by the “Kings” usually the previous afternoon. With the Christmas period beginning on Christmas eve the kids have to wait a long time to get their presents – and it’s usually back to school on the 8th – so not long to enjoy playing with the toys. When we had said our Goodbyes in AlmerĂ­a we headed towards Roquetas de Mar, turned off the motorway and wound our way up and over the Sierra de Gador. We were pleased to see an almond tree in blossom, the highlight of a scenic ride, the beauty and magnificence of the views- a real gift.


The yellow oxalis daisy

The yellow oxalis daisy, a weed, perhaps a nuisance, however very attractive at the moment. This plant provides a yellow carpet, especially amongst the citrus trees.
The foliage has three leaves (trefoil) and is abundant, likewise the yellow flowers. I noticed in pots a similar cultivated pink flowered version.


Assorted insects

Just good friends – millipedes – 23 September 2007
A sand wasp about 2″ long on a windowsill 27 July 2007
RedWasp27July2007A preying mantis upside down on the side of our pool – 28th October 2006
preyingmantis28oct06websiteTiger Moth September 2006
TigerMCricket September 2006