Flora&Fauna Spanish countryside

Touring green Spain part 4

Parador Santa Domingo de la calzada, La Rioja June 10th/11th.

The main road from Lerma to Santa Domingo de la Calzada heads north then east , we headed east to bypass Burgos and we again found quiet scenic country roads. We stopped at Covarrubias, a village on the river Arlanza, we parked the car and had a wander around this delightful, historic place. We found a small friendly supermarket, where we bought a “barra” some slices of ham and cheese, cherry tomatoes, cans and cartons of juice, water and some ripe peaches. We had a coffee in the bar before returning to the car..

We set off into the hills to find somewhere suitable for a picnic.

When we had enjoyed our lunch we set the satnav for Santa Domingo de la Calzada as we approached the town we could see walkers suitably dressed, hiking across fields and realised they were pilgrims heading for Santiago de Compostela over 500 kms away. As we turned off the main road and crossed the river Oja we climbed up through the narrow streets. The Parador Santo Domingo de la calzada is a 12th century building situated next to the cathedral, this is mostly a pedestrian area, the square is often filled with pilgrims. We checked into the hotel, our room overlooked the square which also has a tall, over 200 feet high, bell tower, (torre exenta). The bell chimed all night, but it didn’t keep us awake, it was great to see the pilgrims setting off and to stay in such an historic place.